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Lesboek Basis BHV  Engelstalig

Emergency Response Officer: Basic Training 

This book includes the complete content for the course Basic Training Emergency Response Officer. The course material is geared to the Health and Safety Act (Arbowet) 2018 and built from two modules: part 1; Fire, Evacuation and Communication and part 2: Lifesaving First Aid Acts.
This instruction manual is the full-fledged ER basic training and exists from the combination of both modules. Fire and other forms of accidents or calamities unfortunately we meet in our environment. Assistance in a work situation, further described in the Health and Safety Act as emergency response services, is primarily aimed at employees (i.e. your colleagues).
Companies first aid will initially focus on saving people. Company emergency services will often work together with the regular assistance as a fire service and ambulance service, where the ER organisation fulfills an outpost function.
In particular the Health and Safety Act provides a description of the tasks of the in-house emergency services.
The safety of humans and animals must be guaranteed. Depending on the expected risks you must be prepared for this through courses and training. This instruction book is a first step to company emergency officer. In this training, in addition to basic life-saving actions and resuscitation also included some knowledge about firefighting, alarms and evacuation.


  • General rules at the Life-saving First Aid
  • Knowledge of the vital functions
  • Determining disorders in the vital functions
  • Preparation and execution of resuscitation and use AED
  • First aid at choking
  • Heart failure
  • Emergency services in case of accidents
  • Organization emergency response services
  • Safety
  • Measures in case of fire and smoke
  • Communication and Communication means
  • Clearance and evacuation
  • Aftercare

 “Emergency Response Officer: Basic Training”, Publication NVB Lochem.

 www.nvb-bhv.nl, ISBN 978-94-90100-56-8, 160 pages. 





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